Just not a blogger

So, I don’t know that ANYONE actually comes to this website, but just in case there is someone, I’m just not planning to update it anymore. I started the blog to have a place to post my knitting online, but then I got into Ravelry (amerob) and haven’t been feeling the need for a separate place. So, this will likely be my last post. Ta ta internet.


hmm, blogging, I did that once or twice…

So, I have neglected to update my blog for almost two months now. Bad blogger. Hopefully anyone who would actually want to read my updates has me in their RSS reader/bloglines thingy so they’ll know I’ve not vanished into obscurity (not that I was all that non-obscure in the first place, but I digress). Anyway, while I have been knitting (mostly on the way to/from work in the vanpool) many things, including a sweater for my friend’s nephew that she added ears and a tail to so we could enter the Crazy Aunt Purl Cat Sweater contest, my August sock RSC kit (fabulous, my favorite kit so far) and two single socks (one Monkey, one surprise for a friend), the thing I knit this weekend is just too fabulous not to share. Now, I am a daily visitor to cuteoverload.com. It is my opinion that that website rocks and should be recommend viewing for all people. The other day, there was an entry posted that had a picture of a cat in a sweater. Yes, that’s right, a cat in a sweater . Those who do not share their lives with a cat (or cats) will not necessarily understand the awesomeness and amazingness that this represents. I followed the link to the site from which the cat sweater pics had been posted originally, and found a nifty knitting pattern. Score! I knew then that it had to happen. So, anyway, thanks to Christine of christinelandry.com, Abby now has her very own red sweater. Bask in the hilarity of it all.

Taste of Germany

It came, and it’s beautiful!

Along with the yarns is a short bio of each dyer, and why/how she dyes, and in some cases how this yarn was dyed specially for the Taste of Germany package.

They are just gorgeous – the pictures (due to my crappy ability to take decent pictures) cannot do them justice. And….the Mari Silk is sooooo soft! Part of me wants to make a Montego Bay Scarf, as a tribute to the yarn’s Knitters Uncensored origin (at least that’s its origin for me). I’m gonna look around a bit though and see what other patterns might suit it. Any ideas?

Why I LOVE 3-day weekends

I was SUPER productive this weekend. Not only did I get my chores all done (dishes, laundry, bed making, cat grooming), but I knit up a storm. It was awesome. On Saturday morning I walked to my favorite local coffee shop, got a bagel and my favorite drink (soy vanilla latte), plugged the iPod into my ears (to catch up on some podcasts) and made myself stay till I’d finished the grey tubes of boredom, AKA my brother’s Tech Guy socks. I didn’t do the duplicate stitch while I was there, but I took small bits of time throughout the rest of the weekend to get that all stitched up and the ends all weaved in. Then I threw them into the washer and then the dryer on high. I would never wash my own hand knit socks this way, but I need to to know they’ll survive cause there’s no way I’m going to convince my brother to treat them delicately. They survived beautifully, and got super soft. If it weren’t for the fact that they’re like 5 sizes too big for my feet, I might be tempted to keep them ๐Ÿ˜‰ Luckily I bought yarn to make another pair for myself some day. (I actually bought yarn to make 3 pairs so my dad, brother and I could all be matchy matchy. Cause I thought at the time that it’d be fun, not thinking about the endless amounts of grey stockinette that it would entail.)

The next project I picked up was my August RSC kit. The lace cuff of these anklets needs to be knit and then blocked before moving on to the rest of the cuff. I didn’t feel like getting out the iron (it was super hot this weekend) so I wet blocked the cuff and pinned it out to let it dry. I haven’t ever blocked anything resembling lace before, so that was fun. I think I’m going to like this pattern.

I went back to the coffee shop on Sunday morning and got settled in for another podcast’s worth of knitting. This time, I started a pair of socks for my grandma, Summer Dreams in Bamboozle “Circus”. The pattern as written seemed to be coming out pretty large, so I ended up frogging it and will be starting over on larger needles, but with less stitches. We’ll see how that works out.

The biggest project I picked up this weekend was my UnGranny Smith cardigan. I started this sweater some time last year, around July, I believe. I finished the back, and half of one of the front pieces, and then I got to a point in the directions where I was confused. It’s been sitting in its bag for almost a year now, but I got it out this weekend, figured out where I was and what needed to happen, and I finished that front piece. Yay! I don’t know if I was able to figure it out because I just needed some time, or because my knitting understanding has improved so much in the last year (which I truly believe it has). In any case, I’m ready to cast on the second half of the front anytime now ๐Ÿ™‚

Why can’t all weekends be three days long?

P.S. I wrote this post on Monday night, but haven’t had a chance to upload the photos and stick them into the post until today. Whoops!

stupid creepy car break-in person

This morning when I went out the front door on the way to my work vanpool, something in my car caught my eye. When I looked closer, I saw that someone had been in my car, rummaged through my glove compartment, the center console, and the trunk, and taken the electronic stuff from the power adapter. They left my CDs, my glasses, registration paperwork, anything really important, and obviously the car was still there, so all told it’s not as bad as it could have been. But still, I hate hate hate that someone went into my care and rifled through all my stuff! And left a mess! I’ve actually never had to call the police before, and while the experience went as well as it could have gone, I don’t want to do it again. Blech. The stuff they took wasn’t even all that exciting! A relatively old, falling apart, wires exposed, iPod charger/stereo connector thing, a not-so-popular specific model cell phone charger, and a cheap emergency car light? Really dude? Was it worth it?

I have been knitting, but nothing worth showing. Since I finished my Solstice Slip socks, I started a pair of plain grey stockinette socks for my brother (another pair of Tech Guy Socks , just like I made for my dad earlier this year) and I’ve knit to the point where I need to start the heels. So just imagine 8″ long grey tubes – I don’t think it’s interesting enough to post a picture. I also made some baby hats for the Mad Hatters. Quick, easy and cute, but not really picture worthy. I got my latest RSC kit in the mail on Saturday, and I am excited about the pattern,ย  so hopefully I’ll start those as soon as the bro’s socks are done (otherwise I might never finish the boringย  greyness).

I haven’t been knitting so much because I’ve become addicted to my new Picross game for my DS. I got a couple other new games at the same time (NY Times Crosswords and Brain Age 2) but I haven’t even played them yet, as I’m just engrossed in Picross. I’m not sure what it is about the game, but to me it is simply awesome. Yay for cheap-ish electronic entertainment.

Oh, I have been listening to my first knitting-related podcast, Knitters Uncensored (henceforth KU) and it’s fun. They’re three knitters who currently live in Germany, though it’s none of their homelands, and they talk about what they’re knitting, life in Germany, and other random things. I especially enjoyed the knitter vs non-knitter trivia battle, which I think was part of episode 6? I subscribed to a few more knitting podcasts that I’ve seen/heard about, but haven’t had a chance to listen to yet. One of the things that the KU folks had talked about was a “Taste of Germany” yarn package, which “Ms B” has put together. In it are five different yarns from five different German indie dyers (four sock weight, one other), all with the theme “blue.” There were only 10 spots and I got one! I am super excited. Similar to being excited about my Sockapalooza pal being from a foreign country, I think it’s just so neat to have something that has traveled the world (and not in a made-in-China-cheap-manufacturing way). It makes it feel special. She emailed this morning to say it shipped, hooray! So, that’s coming soon, and I’ll for sure put up pics when the package arrives.

OK, I feel better now. Not thinking about some creep being in my car, even for the few minutes it took to write this,ย  really does make me feel a little bit better. I’m still gonna be paranoid about the locks from now on though.

Ooh, Finland!

Sockapalooza package

Originally uploaded by amerob.

Those were my exact words when I opened my mailbox today and found this package from Niina , my Sockapalooza pal. The socks she sent me are a beautiful green color, and they fit so nicely. They are the first socks I’ve ever had that has a pointed toe, so there’s a right sock and a left sock. They’re totally comfy. I just wish we weren’t having such warm weather, or I’d wear them tomorrow! I love all the fun treats she sent as well. There’s a pouch of chocolate tea, which made the whole package smell lovely, as well as some (sadly, melty) chocolate from the same company. The chocolate’s in the fridge so hopefully I can enjoy it tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s also a little magnet with a Finnish meatball recipe , and a cute little pot-guard shaped like maybe a moose, or an elk? I don’t actually know what that is for, but I’ve written to ask its purpose. In any case, it’s very cute. Hooray for great Sockapalooza pals!

Three for three

Solstice Slip Socks

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Yay, I finished my third Rockin’ Sock Club socks! The pattern, Solstice Slip, was super easy to memorize, but still clever and fun. I’m proud of myself for sticking with “the program” thus far, as I promised myself I would knit all of the sock kits by the time the next one comes. Since the next kits are supposed to be going out in the next couple of weeks, I made it in plenty of time. Hooray! This was the first time I felt the fear of running out of yarn though. See that teeny ball of yarn sitting in between my socks? That’s all I had left. I wonder what people with bigger feet than me did?

Fun gadgets are everywhere

I almost forgot the last fun bit of info about mailing my Sockapalooza pal’s package : the nifty touch screen mailing machine at the post office. I had intended to mail the package during my lunch hour on Thursday, but that hour never came, so I had to do it after work. I though I would just make it before the PO closed, and was sad when it looked like I had missed my window, but inside was this cool new (to me anyway) package sending machine. It is sort of like an ATM, with a scale and rulers and bins for appropriate stickers on top. You just use the touch screen and tell the machine where you’re sending it, and how, and what special extra features you want (insurance, etc)
and it spits out a nice little shipping label for you. Then, you just stick the label on the package, drop it in the super big post bin across the lobby, and you’re good to go. No waiting for open customer service hours, no waiting in long lines, just tap, print, stick, and mail. Yes, I’m a dork, but I do like how the little things in life amuse me ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s sockapalooza time

With yesterday being the first official send-off day for Sockapalooza packages, I decided to get mine out the door and on its way to its intended recipient. This being my first ever yarn/knit/package etc swap, I don’t know really what all is the norm to be included in these packages, but I included the following:

Socks , of course (wearing a label I found here)

pattern: modified version of Turtlegirl’s Red Dwarf Socks , using a diamond lace panel from a random pattern that I had in my collection, reversed on one sock so they’re mirror images when worn

yarn: Knit One Crochet Two “Wick”

Clover Crafty Critter frog

filled with

Panda Cotton, colorway cinnamon (I think? I forgot to write it down)

and…handmade stitchmarkers

I also included a local treat, taffy from Marini’s on the wharf in a cute collectible tin.

To top it all off, my friend Rachel made me a card that I think is very cute, and even in colors that match the rest of the package!

I’m hoping that my pal enjoys the package. I had fun putting it together, and now I’m excited to see the reaction.

Oh, and I wonder what’s coming my way?

Vanessa’s Birthday socks!

Vanessa’s Birthday socks!

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Like a dolt, I forgot to take a picture of these socks before I sent them off to their intended recipient. Luckily, said recipient is nice to me, and thus took a picture so I’d have one.

Sock details:
Pattern :Hedera, from knitty
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, “Lakeview”
Purchased from The Loopy Ewe http://www.theloopyewe.com